Doom Patrol

   Doom Patrol is  a comic that I would describe as unique and bizarre and this applies to it’s unique  artwork, storyline and characters. The writer uses  comedy and intriguing scenes, and it becomes apparent that what may seem as random in fact has a point by the end of the story as the Doom Patrol comes together to fight a powerful and mysterious force. The heroes in Doom Patrol are also viewed as odd balls themselves as their powers alienate them from the traditional superheroes and it is this aspect of accepting oneself and doing all one can with what they have that readers may connect with.

In this story  two new characters are introduced  to the Doom Patrol: Casey Bricke and Sam Reynolds, two EMTs who get dragged into the crazy world of the Doom Patrol just as Casey discovers her secret history. Both are great additions, but Casey is the real star of the show as the story largely follows her. There’s a quirkiness to her character and something funny about the way she just accepts everything that’s happening in a nonchalant way. The other characters are entertaining as well. Classic Doom Patrol mainstays like Cliff Steele, Negative Man, Flex Mentallo and Crazy Jane all feature in the story while Niles Caulder gets a few hints at his involvement. Each start out separately from each other, but by the end of the book they, along with Casey and Sam, come together. The various plot threads intermix well with each other, even if readers might not have the clearest idea of what is actually happening due to the craziness of it all.

The art in Doom Patrol was one of my favourite aspects of the comic as I think the bold and bright illustration reflected the wakiness and zeal that is Doom Patrol and helped the keep readers engaged and connected to the characters.

One thought on “Doom Patrol

  1. Great post! The art and illustrations within this comic were definitely some of the most unique and artistic I’ve seen in some time. I think that the illustrator in this comic attempted to set the tone as wacky and weird with the drawings, and in my personal opinion I think he they hit the nail on the head.


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