In Planetary Volume 1- All Over the World and Other Stories, Mr. Warren Ellis explores  the concept of secret organizations and their role and interference in society. Planetary  is an organization that tasks members with tracking down evidence of super-human activity. These mystery archaeologists uncover unknown paranormal secrets and histories, such as a World War II supercomputer that can access other universes, a ghostly spirit of vengeance, and a lost island of dying monsters. As archaeologists they are expected to take note and work as observers. Elijah Snow the most recent member to join the duo finds this to be wrongful and compels his teammates to be active and not passive. Elijah is an unconventional hero as though he is gifted with great powers such as manipulation of cold temperatures and immortality given to ” century babies” born on the midnight of January 1st, 1900 for the last ten years of his life chose to live in seclusion and is known to be a ” hard ass” with a temper that leads to violence.

I also admire how Mr. Warren Ellis developed his characters through their actions and not through long texts which define who they are as people, as it allows readers to form their own thoughts and opinions. As information given about the characters are slowly given and their actions are what truly highlight their temperament, goals and beliefs.

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